We are a tourist facility in which quality, in its broadest concept, is our reason for being.


We believe that we must seek maximum satisfaction from our customers through the quality of our services, products and facilities, by constantly improving the work processes and the conditions to carry it out, always looking for a balance between profitability and profit Social.


We aspire to be a reference of the Galician coast in family tourism in summer time and in tourism slow the rest of the year, by offering an integral service of quality, within the framework of a sustainable development, since we are well aware of its importance And the need to involve all our family of clients, workers, and other entities in relation to our activity.

Integrity.- We believe in internal and external relationships based in honesty, transparency, rigor, responsability and personal commitment.

Respect.- It is part of our convictions to show a prudent and proactive attitude in the relationship with the client and in the internal relations, with a spirit of self-improvement and self-criticism.

Contribution of value.- Over time we have managed to acquire a general awareness of value creation in each of our actions that result in our own benefit and to the benefit of the client.

Customer orientation.- We continue to work day by day to internalize the service of the organization, customer service as the central axis of all our actions, with generosity and professionalism to meet and satisfy their needs, and to be able to be in advance.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability.- We carry out business practices in accordance with the social commitment, environmental care and energy efficiency in the daily exercise of our activities, fulfilling the obligations that we have imposed in these areas to leave a better world to our children.

Teamwork– We value permanent training and interdepartmental collaboration to maximize collective knowledge and individual training.

Quality and Environmental Policy. We look at the following general principles and objectives: Comply with the legislation in all our areas of action, also involving our suppliers and customers. Improve continuously through the study and analysis of processes in terms of quality, environmental management and energy efficiency. Seek efficiency in the use of natural and energy resources and waste management, minimizing the environmental impact of the quality of life of future generations. Establish continuous training and training plans for workers, seeking collaboration and participation in improving the services and products offered to customers. Promote environmental training and promote accountability among company personnel and among customers to reduce water and energy consumption. Objectively measure the satisfaction of our customers and thus highlight the key aspects for the improvement of processes, services and products. Guarantee the quality of the service and the products offered without altering the profitability in order to be able to continue investing and developing the company in all its areas. To improve the gastronomic offer to cover the specific nutritional needs of singular groups facilitating the access to the information of these products.


As a summary we have acquired some commitments with which we work daily and we can summarize as follows: As the main axis the customer is the center and the focus of attention. We must ensure safety and health for customers and workers in all areas. We enhance the training and development of our team. We have started to get results in efficiency and savings in energy consumption and we will continue in this line. We are aware of the importance of recycling and the rational use of water and we have also made our customers and collaborators participate.We are a company in which quality, in its broadest sense, is our reason for being.