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Inflatable technology, the new trend in the world of camping

¿Inflatable Tent? ¿Tent inflatable caravan? Yes, they are a reality and have come to make our life of camper easier.

Camping accessories are constantly evolving, a few years ago came the  movers for caravans who revolutionized caravaning, ending the tedious maneuvers or efforts pushing the caravan.

Now the inflatable technology is revolutionizing tents and advances for      caravans, always with the same goal to make life easier and comfortable camping.

avance caravana inflable

But, what is the inflatable technology? because very simple, replace metal structures or fiberglass for a pneumatic structure. They were replaced by metal tubes air tubes.


The result means mounted in minutes what previously could mean hours

Although this system  arrives today to the camping, it has been used for years in camps and military rescue in extreme situations they needed maximum speed of action.

The main European manufacturers like Outwell, Kampa, among others, have applied to tents and caravan advances.

It is not yet too see in campsites but the trend is soon to be common among us.

You know, fewer hours riding more hours enjoying the camping!