Coroso campsite represents the original sense of authentic campsite in nature, slow tourism.

Italian Cittá Slow movement claims a sustainable tourism that highlights the most deeply rooted traditions to a place, being kind to tourists and promote the consumption of local ingredients.

Fast food, fast travel, fast life … the pace of life is hectic and time optimization our leitmotif. In contrast comes a new philosophy for traveling: tourism slow. The proposal slow tourism was the equivalent of the mode of travel in recent times. These outputs where it becomes more exhausted than before leaving with endless flights, hours waiting at airports, and packages so tight that force to look at the clock landscape.

For tourism slow, the subject is the person and not the tour package, so that when it comes to tourism product the main component is the cultural attraction, complemented by other attractions, including the landscape, services, cultural attractiveness nature and local cuisine. It is very important to highlight the so-called culture of hospitality, in which all are convinced belong to the quality of treatment artisans.


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