From 1770,  King Carlos III begins to establish business with America, so the Galician ports starts an important economic development. This new boom in maritime Galicia prompted  the arrival of Catalan industrialists who introduced in Galicia a new industrial art of preserving fish named “salting” as well as new fishing gear as “xábega”, was initiated in the 18 th century

Among the first sating factories they were built, it was built in  the beach “Coroso” on land that Charles IV in 1790 donated to the Catalan family “Saiz” dedicated to fishing and boating industries.
It is in these areas to which we refer is where, from 1970 to the present, the Coroso campsite is located. The old factory Salting is, at present, the café-restaurant of the campsite.
Location: Palmeira, Ribeira, A Coruña