The highlands of Barbanza offers more surprises for hikers: the pools or natural swimming pools in Pedras River, on the eastern slope of these summits, offer a variety of river beaches to those who like fresh water in an idyllic setting.

First we will take up to meet the configuration of the mountain, while we admire the Arousa estuary and A Pobra do Caramiñal. And that’s nothing better than access road to the Curotiña and the Curota. This is the most appreciated and comfortable all saw Barbanza viewpoint and from him not only Pobra but also Ribeira and the Atlantic is reached. The estuary and Vilagarcía. Boiro … And the most beautiful mountains we must discover walking.

Most surprising, solitary and natural is the space creates in its descent of the Pedras River, which goes hop on hop creating a series of ponds that are used for bathing. Fresh water lovers and tranquility will find here an idyllic place, almost a paradise.

To get there, first take the CP-6702 road without deviating from it in any case. It goes under the highway, next to a cemetery and the church of Lesón up to Aldea Vella where the paved road ends.

Location: Aldea Vella, A Pobra do Caramiñal, A Coruña