Wich tent I need

Accommodation, Camping

The size of the tent is essential to choose a tent for the actual capacity we need to be comfortable and that allows us to use we want.

What can help us to set the size of the tent we need?

Its use
Capacity and distribution

The use we are going to give and determine how many people we travel we need tending, is not the same as a store for long stays in which the assembly time is not critical, that a traveling tent for short stays.


Its use

short or itinerant stay: campers who want to make trips with multiple stops two or three days or weekends.

half or still stays its kind campers camping is longer vacations or long bridges

Needless to say that for long stays are perfectly valid “itinerant” shops


Capacity and distribution

Not only the ability of the store can help us choose which store is the best person for us since the distribution also influences. There are shops with facing or adjoining rooms with living area and separate night.

actual capacity we need

Type of stay we will enjoy

Comfort in case of bad weather