From 1770 and thanks to King Carlos III begins to establish business with America in the Galician ports starts an important economic development. This new boom in maritime galicia prompted the late eighteenth century the arrival of Catalan industrialists who introduced in Galicia a new industrial art of preserving fish “salting” as well as new […]


Inflatable technology, the new trend in the world of camping ¿Inflatable Tent? ¿Tent inflatable caravan? Yes, they are a reality and have come to make our life of camper easier. Camping accessories are constantly evolving, a few years ago came the  movers for caravans who revolutionized caravaning, ending the tedious maneuvers or efforts pushing the […]

Wich tent I need

The size of the tent is essential to choose a tent for the actual capacity we need to be comfortable and that allows us to use we want. What can help us to set the size of the tent we need? Its use Capacity and distribution The use we are going to give and determine […]